Sales Playbook Creation

Creating an all encompassing sales playbook can take a year or more – we do it in a fraction of that time.

It’s near impossible to enable and scale a team on tribal knowledge alone. As your team, cadences, plays, and strategies evolve, make sure you have a documented single source of truth to keep everyone accountable.

Document Critical Sales Elements

Whether it be Use Cases, Personas, Industries or Competitors, your reps can immediately locate the most relevant information for their customers.

Identify and Extract Best Practices

Having a playbook that documents and clearly outlines best practices will allow reps to engage their prospects with confidence. SalesSource will review all content / collateral, interview your top performing reps, and extract / organize the most relevant information.

Mapping The Sales Process

Ensure there is no confusion on Rules of Engagement, Entry and Exit Criteria, Sales Stage Definitions, Promotion Rules, etc. Your playbook will help keep your reps accountable.

Our Playbook Goes Where You Go

You may have a pure inside sales team, field reps, or both. We make our playbooks in desktop, mobile and physical forms. No matter what the environment, your team will always have immediate access to your best curated content. 

Together, let’s make it work