Sales Leader Mentorship & Coaching

We have a significant need for professional guidance from a strategic advisor

We often find that organizations with repeatable sales processes and best-of-breed technologies still have a significant need for professional guidance from a strategic advisor. Our Sales Leader Mentorship & Coaching program connects sales leadership at all levels with a dedicated advisor who provides direction on topics ranging from hiring decisions to board presentations. We partner with Founders, CROs, VPs of Sales, Frontline Sales Managers, SDR Leaders, and Sales/Revenue Ops Leaders.

Monthly In-Person Leadership Workshops

Your dedicated advisor will come on-site for a half-day workshop with your leadership team and/or direct reports to motivate, educate, and train on a particular focus area. These workshops involve group exercises and facilitated whiteboard discussions that challenge leaders to re-imagine their approach to organizational excellence.

Weekly In-Person Mentorship Meetings

These one-on-one mentorship meetings are designed to dive deep into your personal development as a sales leader. We believe feedback is a gift and embrace Radical Candor in order to grow you as a professional and as an individual. Managing internal communications, rallying individual contributors, and collaborating across functions are just some of the managerial skills we will help you strengthen.

24/7 Phone and Email Guidance

Much of the time, you just need a second opinion on a tactical decision or someone to debrief with after a tough conversation with internal stakeholders. That’s why we offer always-on access to your dedicated advisor over the phone and through email.

Together, let’s make it work