Account Based Sales Development

Make sure your Sales Development team is focusing on the right accounts

As buyer expectations continue to rise and B2B marketing noise gets louder, the best organizations are moving to an Account-Based model. Our Account-Based Sales Development offering focuses on the most critical function in this strategy, the SDR team which operates between marketing and sales to find the next best deal. In a three month engagement, SalesSource consultants will work across your leadership, sales, and marketing organizations to develop an ABSD model uniquely suited to your business model and market.

ICP and TAM Development

We begin by outlining the traits of your best customers and prospects (the Ideal Customer Profile or ICP) and applying quantitative and qualitative analysis to generate a defined universe of target accounts (the Total Addressable Market or TAM). We use this to curate a comprehensive account list and seed your CRM with pre-qualified target accounts. This is the cornerstone of your ABSD strategy.

Technology Stack Recommendation

The next phase involves building out a best-of-breed sales 2.0 technology stack. ABSD models are so powerful today because of the software available to understand, segment, and engage your target accounts at scale. These tools sit on top of and within your CRM to enable meaningful prospect engagement for your SDR team and actionable reporting for leadership.

Sales Process Design

With a TAM developed and technology configured, the next step in implementing ABSD is creating the actual process from lead generation through qualified opportunity. The sales process outlines key milestones across the marketing, SDR, and sales functions, in addition to detailed sub-processes, roles & responsibilities, and definitions for each stage of buyer’s journey.

KPIs and Metrics

Finally, we outline key measures of success and operational metrics that allow you to make decisions about your go-to-market strategy. These include leading indicator performance metrics like average touches per lead, output performance metrics like meeting-to-opportunity ratio, and strategic KPIs like average pipeline generated per target account.

Enterprise Go-To-Market Strategy

Executing on Enterprise level accounts can be a daunting task. The right plan will get you farther.

Together, let’s make it work